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Digital Asset Management
With the development of blockchain technologies and rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market, new opportunities appear. The traditional economy is changing its shape. New values are emerging in the digital world, and a significant role in these processes is played by decentralized technologies, the reflection of which are cryptocurrencies and tokens.

In view of the above, Digital Asset Management offers its clients to take part in the purchase of XGE tokens.

The GRAM is a cryptocurrency and the basis of the future virtual blockchain economy — Telegram Open Network (TON). GRAMs will be used both inside and outside the system. According to the Telegram roadmap, more than 200 million Telegram users will get TON wallets and the GRAM cryptocurrency in Q4 2018 — Q1 2019.

Digital Asset Management has the opportunity to deliver GRAMs to its customers within 15 working days after receiving GRAMs on its digital account.

Digital Asset Management does not confirm or deny that there is a communication between it and the group of investors of the first and second rounds of the Telegram ICO about obtaining GRAMs at an agreed price for their customers immediately after the GRAM is released.

GRAM Tokens
Digital Asset Management issues XGE (Exchangeable GRAM Equivalent) tokens certifying the right of their owner to exchange XGE for GRAM at a 1:1 ratio.

The XGE emission depends on the number of XGE tokens already purchased and is limited by the ability of Digital Asset Management to purchase future GRAMs.

Each time the buyer sends ETH to an ETH address, Digital Asset Management issues XGEs based on the ETH price.

In exchange for ETH, Digital Asset Management sends the buyer a corresponding amount of XGE tokens.

The current price of an XGE token in US dollars is indicated on the site https://xgetoken.com/.

XGEs are exchanged for GRAMs in the personal account of the buyer after indicating the corresponding address of the GRAM wallet.

Tokens are issued on the Ethereum platform, in accordance with the current ERC-20 standard.
Tokens are based on a robust Ethereum infrastructure that provides them with several advantages:
  • Safety and reliability;
  • Use of stable and well-supported clients (tokens issued on Ethereum can be managed through an official Ethereum client);
  • Ethereum smart contracts imply a transparent and secure way of sharing rewards between token holders.

Economic Model
Digital Asset Management generates income from the difference between the GRAM purchase price and the XGE sale price and from a 10 percent commission occurring in the event of a refund to the buyers.

Obligations and Rights
Digital Asset Management undertakes:
  • To purchase GRAMs, Telegram Open Network (TON) cryptocurrency, by any legal means;
  • To exchange XGEs for GRAMs within 15 working days after GRAMs are officially released but not prior to receiving GRAMs on its digital account.

Technical Solution
The technical solution by Digital Asset Management consists of three main elements: a user-oriented website, a backend server for asset management, and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Asset Management and Website
A buyer who wishes to purchase XGEs must pass a mandatory KYC procedure ("Know Your Customer"), for which identification documents are required.

After passing KYC in the dashboard (personal account), the buyer can carry out the necessary operations to purchase or exchange tokens. The address, which is added by the investor or re-generated, is used by the service for token crediting.

Backend Service
Backend service is responsible:
  • For storing addresses of the buyers' wallets;
  • For interacting with the Ethereum smart contract;
  • For initiating the emission of new tokens.
Smart Contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain
Business logic is controlled by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and is responsible for issuing new tokens in exchange for ETHs received from the buyer. The XGE contract is based on ERC-20 with an additional feature that allows new tokens to be issued.

Consumer Flow
A usual way of purchasing XGEs is to send ETH at the ETH address available in the dashboard. After receiving the payment, the backend starts a function in the Digital Asset Management contract that calculates the number of tokens to be provided to the buyer, based on the current XGE price. Thereafter, the backend service activates the function of issuing a Digital Asset Management contract to emit new tokens to a new buyer.

You can find the codes of all our contracts in our repository.

Purchasing XGEs has a significant risk. Buyers of the XGE tokens and managers of Digital Asset Management are exposed to the following risks: inherent market risk, liquidity risk, technological risk, loss risk, theft risk, regulatory risk, risk of misunderstanding. By sending ETH to the address, the buyer agrees that he or she understands and accepts these risks as well as potential losses without the possibility of recovery.
For security reasons, managers of Digital Asset Management reserve the right not to disclose information on how cryptoassets are stored, as well as to change the content of information published in the public domain.

In case of elimination, the following procedure will be performed:
  1. All ETHs shall be distributed among the XGE holders in the amount of their payments minus a 10 percent commission.
  2. All ETHs shall be sent to the registered addresses of the XGE holders.
Limitation of Liability
Information provided in this document is not intended for distribution to or use by any person or entity in the United States (hereinafter referred to as the United States, including Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, and any other US domain) or the Republic of Singapore, or in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use is, or will be, included in any law or regulation that may subject Digital Asset Management and/or entities (including their affiliates) emitting XGE tokens, or any of their products or services to any registration, licensing, or other requirements applicable in those jurisdictions or countries.

You are not allowed to purchase XGE tokens if you are a US citizen or a permanent US resident. By purchasing XGE tokens, you confirm and guarantee that you are not an authorized employee of a company owned by US citizens or permanent US residents. You shall immediately notify the Emitter of XGE tokens if these circumstances have changed.

You assume full responsibility for compliance with the relevant rules, procedures, and restrictions related to the purchase of XGE tokens in your jurisdiction.

The Emitter of XGE tokens reserves the right to refuse selling the tokens to any person.

The content of this document is for general information purposes only and does not constitute an offer. All information is purely theoretical. Xgetoken.com is neither an investment advisor nor an investment broker. The content on the site is not a recommendation to enter into any transactions with cryptocurrencies, tokens, securities, or an investment advice. Xgetoken.com does not provide personalized recommendations or opinions on whether the project is suitable for investment. Consequently, information contained on the site has not been prepared in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations governing such publications in various jurisdictions.

The user warrants that no money laundering or other illegal acts are committed in connection with the use of xgetoken.com.

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